Warframe 35 Lets make the KESTREL
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:24 pm on Jun-10-2013By: Jecht

The Kestrel is a new throwing weapon, its a melee weapon like the glaive, it shares alot of the same features as the glaive tbh.

Was abit impressed with this, does same damage as the glaive does but because its a heavy boomerang it knocks ppl over when it hits them.

thats the one thing about the glaive that was missing, it should of done some form of knock back when thrown at them and pulled them towards you if it hit them on the way back.

this does not do knock back on the way back btw.

just because of the knock back i would say this is better than the glaive but i\'ll report back on that once i\'ve leveled it up and tested it compared to a leveled up glaive.

At the moment i\'m loving it though!
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