Warframe 13 Lets make the Frost Warframe
PermalinkSubmitted: 11:03 am on Jun-08-2013By: Jecht

Now it seems abit silly to jump back and put a blog up for a guy i've been using for awhile, but think about it.

i've used frost since i built him, i've now polarized him twice and he's my main warframe.

That and next week i want to do a kind of follow up so thought this was a great time to revisit and say what i thought of this guy.

now this guy still drops in the same places, its a random drop thing and i still do this with frost.

this was one of those i tried to ddo before i had any decent weapons, the battle i ended up in to try and get the footage for this was EPIC .. none of us where kitted to solo this guy, we all ran out of ammo and kept going down like mad .. i was SOOOO annoyed when we get there and everyone starts to die as i only went in to get footage of her intro (yes, this boss is a girl) and show you the blueprint when it drops, it turned into a 4min cut down of a 30min battle .. the last bit she has ZERO health too :wall:

But we did it, i got my footage and was happy to finaly be able to build my frost.

now frost is a tank, with 450 shield, 3000 health and 150 armour ... just like rhino, but runs SLOWEST out of all warframe, so first thing i did was add in some running mods and get them almost fully upgraded.

there is actually a video on how i set my frost up, will post that here soon.

was funny how i ended it with "update 8 tomorrow" . back in april :whistle:
WOW i was so wrong, there was an update the next day but it was not update 8, it turned out to just be the vipers and duel ether lol.
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