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Well this is the hardest warframe to get the parts for.

she's dropped by the big doggy on eris, the only one harder to get is excaliber, yes .. for some reason they made the warframe you start with harder to get than any other as he's on pluto blank face

her abilities are abit weird to get used to in all honesty, with her mind control and psychic bolts there about aiming at ppl making them abit better for range.

then chaos and absorb are great for running into crowds of ppl and using that.

the draw backs are that chaos now times out .. sad

and absorb, well they wont always stay agrod on you so you do this and they stop shooting and wonder off meaning they survive, or duck and take no damage :wall:

like most the powerful warframes she will (at lvl 30) have 300/300 health/shield and only 10 armour but you need to fit power mods aswell as health/shield mods so she's one you have to sacrifice abilities on to have a powerful warframe for them special level 70+ jackle alerts.

i hope they aint gotten rid of them :(
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