Warframe 32 Lets make the Dual Broncos
PermalinkSubmitted: 7:30 pm on Jun-01-2013By: Jecht

OK, so for the longest time when a mission is loading we got a glimps of the dual broncos and i was waiting till they made an entrance to even try the bronco .. well update 8 brought them so here they are!

the grouping on them is abit poor to start with making it a close quarters weapon, best at short range.

after some playing around with mods i found that adding the multishot mod to them helped a WHOLE heap and finaly made these useable in day to day combat.

If your using a good rifle then these made a good secondary, but if your using the hek (like me) then these are not much good as your secondary tends to be your long range weapon so there not much use.

If you have a sniper rifle these instantly become very good for when everyone leaves you alone and you get ambushed .. they save your butt and it works, i tested :whistle:
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