Warframe 174 Lets Build Limbo
PermalinkSubmitted: 2:48 pm on Nov-09-2014By: Jecht

Displaces a target into the rift plane, inflicting additional damage if the target is hostile.

Rift Walk
Pass over into the rift plane.

Rift Surge
Surge the void energy through the rift plane, increasing the damage inflicted on enemies that have been banished there.

A violent blast of void energy tears open a pocket of rift plane which can sustain itself for a short period before collapsing in another lethal blast.

Thats his abilities, he is awesome at times, being able to take himself out of the battle field for short periods of time to heal and pull enemys into the rift with him to take them on one at a time makes him a very usefull frame to have and use!

Being able to push other players there so they can heal is also a good point too but alot of players hate this because of the few people out there who are suing limbo to troll people and generally ruin there gaming experiance!

Once you ignore him as a troll frame his abilities coupled with his power capability make his an awesome frame for defence and even excervation missions but it is best when playing with people you know and not randoms as they will get annoyed at you for using this frame if they do not 100% understand his abilities!
Created by  MarkeyDesign