Warframe 172 Lets Build The Halikar
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:46 pm on Nov-02-2014By: Jecht

This is awesome, the glaive is only obtainable from alerts or login rewards so having this avalable from the marketplace was a really nice touch by the devs!

A mastery 0 weapon that has both a V and a - polarity in it aswell as a stance slot means this weapon can become powerfull without having to spend forma on it from the day you start playing the game too!

Thrown attack has a chance to disarm enemies.
Deals Magnetic b Magnetic damage on ground slam.
Ground slam ragdolls enemies.
Can home in on enemies.

Short melee attack range.
Using the charge attack (throw) prevents the use of all melee attacks until the weapon has returned to the thrower, effectively preventing it from being used in as rapid succession as conventional charge attacks.
User might have a hard time aiming for headshots without the hard-to-obtain Whirlwind mod.
When it bounces off the wall, it has very low chance to hit an enemy, but can be angled to do so.
Due to being a thrown weapon, it has significant travel time, making it hard to hit moving targets at range.

Hands down t he best thing about this weapon is its chance to pull the weapon out of enemys hands, its a small chance but seeing moas suddenly stop shooting or grineer pull out there melee is so much fun that i didnt take this off for way too long!
Created by  MarkeyDesign