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This weapon primarily deals Impact b Impact damage with its normal attacks.

   High base damage.
   Deals mostly Impact b Impact damage - effective against Shielded enemies.
   Large magazine size.
   Fires homing rounds capable of tracking moving enemies, and allowing for off-aim shooting.

   Slow base rate of fire.
   Slow reload speed.
   Low Slash b Slash and Puncture b Puncture damage - reduced effectiveness against Infested or armored enemies.
   Tracking beacons require 10 ammo each to fire.
   Once a target (or object) is selected with tracking beacon, the weapon will fire on that enemy or object until the beacon disappears or the enemy is killed, making it difficult to use against multiple targets.
   Inaccurate at range without using homing function.
   Normal fire and tracking beacons have travel time.
   Shakes screen heavily when hip-firing.

This has also got to be the best weapon in the game to fit heavy caliber to, because even with the loss of accuracy thru normal firing, if you shoot the homing round at your enemy then every round after that will go there, no matter how low your accuracy is!!

this gave this weapon the edge it needed to be worth using, without it the lack of aiming does cause abit of an issue but that added damage makes this great for taking down heavys and most assasination missions too!
Created by  MarkeyDesign