Warframe 170 Lets Build The Tiberon
PermalinkSubmitted: 1:39 pm on Oct-02-2014By: Jecht

Mastery 4 weapon added in update 14.9

this burst fire weapon uses a latron in its build process making it a weird one to build but also make it a powerfull weapon!

the recoil is so managable too which makes it one of the better burst fire weapons too.

Tried for hours to find a downside to this, because it has such good accuracy for a recoil burst fire weapon you can fit heavy caliber without any great deal of issue so instantly the power on this goes up making it a good weapon.

came with only 1 V polarity and i ended up with 3 empty slots on this weapon to it could be made alot more powerfull than it is with a forma or 2 throwing on 2x V polritys for split chamber and heavy caliber meaning you can add other mods in for even more damage!!

only real downside i can even think of is the low crit/status on this and the fact you need a latron to build it.

if you have the latron wraith, dont use it to build this as that event weapon came free with a potato and a weapon slot and you loose both of those if you use that weapon for this or sell it.
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