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Nyx is a psychic-themed Warframe. Her abilities allow her to disrupt movement and coordination within enemy ranks, making her a formidable ally in battle.

The Nyx Prime features an additional D polarity and more armor than its normal version, having 50 armor instead of 15.

nyx prime helmet T2 mobile defence
nyx prime bp T4 defence
nyx prime Systems T4 Capture.
Nyx Prime chassis T3 ext

Enemies affected by Nyx Prime's Chaos now show a Nyx Prime holding a Braton Prime instead of a regular Nyx holding a standard Braton, unless you drop her helmet that is, if you dont have the helmet equiped then you get normal nyx.

Is she worth the agro of spending so long farming for her parts then waiting 3 days once you built all her parts to build her?

Ofcorse she is, she has an extra D polarity so you can get health/shields in much earlier and even though that head is huge and sometimes dont fit on screen, she has more armour so can take more punishment and makes her alot more level to where excaliber used to be before the armour increases as he used to have 50.
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