Warframe 166 Lets Build The Atterax
PermalinkSubmitted: 2:21 pm on Sep-29-2014By: Jecht

mastery 0 weapon? oh yeah!

No secret i like the whips, they have a nice range to them.

but this one, if you fit the crit chance mod and beserker it does alot more damage AND has a high fire rate!

it starts life with low fire rate but fury thrown in can make it alot more useable!

It also has to be one of the better looking weapons too imo, the spinning blades just make it look evil.

Its an easy weapon to get setup, as i said before, crit chance and beserker for the speed with fury too. top it off with the elemental combo of your choosing with only 2 elemental mods and top it off with the channeling dmg and efficenfy mods and this thing can becoming a very usefull melee weapon quickly!
Created by  MarkeyDesign