Warframe 165 Lets Build The Glaxion
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mastery 6 weapon


   Cold b Cold damage makes it effective against shields.
       Cold damage can be combined with other elements to form Viral b Viral damage effective against Flesh and Cloned Flesh, Magnetic b Magnetic damage for increased effectiveness against shields, and Blast b Blast damage effective against Machinery and Fossilized.
   Largest magazine size of any weapon in-game.
   Largest max ammo of any weapon in-game.
   Fast reload time.
   Highest Status Chance among continuous and automatic primary weapons.
   Good ammo efficiency.


   Base Cold b Cold damage is less effective against Infested.
   Limited range of around 30 meters.

but again, the biggest issue with this weapon, like the nukor, is its range.

it has alittle more range than the nukor but the nukor is alot more powerfull than this so out of the 2 the nukor is well worth trying it more than this is!!

Ignoring the nukor though and we have a nice weapon, have accidenly put afew too many formas into this not realising i used so many and have ended up building a really powerfull weapon with 3 formas in it.

Without the forma this weapon is acutally not so good as starts life with no polaritys to it so your limited to what you can fit into it.

ofcorse, being a beam weapon, heavy caliber fits into this no matter what build you go for as it dont have the longest of range so the loss of accuracy is alot easier to counter.

Serration and heavy caliber along made this strong, with multishot and the freeze damage mod ontop this does alot of damage and just fits the mods in though it will require a catalyst either way.
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