Warframe 163 Lets Build The Kronen
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:55 pm on Sep-02-2014By: Jecht

Mastery level 3 weapons.

with its stance mod dropped from the new excavation missions or from currupted moa in the void this weapon is actually kind of easy to get set up with its stance early on.

costing 2 argon crystals aint that big a deal either, you can get those easy enough from void missions or from phorid, if phorid is around to kill that is.

i enjoyed these a hell of alot the first time around, but after building them and leveling them up again i noticed something.

the range on these kind of sucks, i stand next to an enemy, swing .. nothing, it was abit annoying after awhile which ruined the weapons alittle for me as they look cool and that slide damage of over 3k kills heavys upto lvl 30 with one hit most the time but the range comes into play alot there too so takes good aim.

you can counter this easy with the range mod for the melee but you have to sacrifice damage in order to fit the range so you have to balance the damage and range out so even though this weapon is fun as heck to use, looks awesome and deals alot of damage, its low range can sometimes get in the way.

the other way around this, just get closer to your enemys THEN hit them, this counters the range way better but you will need a strong frame as some enemys will kill you quick once you get over lvl 25.
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