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Requiring the pointed wind stance mod that is dropped from shockwave moa\'s (those orange robot walkers who stomp and knock you over)

it has a huge downside that if you ground slam next to an enemy, they dont fall over or get delt knockdown atall but it does do damage to people around you and will break open creates!

it also has a slow fire rate to begin with but nothing a mod wont fix!

it does require 1 argon crystal to build and 100 oxium but its totaly worth it as this weapon becomes a nice weapon to use after you mod it alittle.

all we did was fit extra toxin damage, pressure point for more damage, fire rate and topped it off with focus energy for electicle damage to convert it to corrosive damage and this weapon become a heap of fun to use and with the pointed strike installed it gave us enough points for these without having to forma it tnx to the dash polarity it came with being used by the toxin damage mod.

this is a good dagger to use but the heat dagger maintains its dominance as the best dagger because of the huge fire blast when you ground pound with it!
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