Warframe 161 Lets Build The Quanta
PermalinkSubmitted: 3:13 pm on Aug-05-2014By: Jecht

the research cost of this was insain, 105 neural sensors because we're a mountain clan was wayyyy too many, glad we didnt upgrade to a moon clan, costs tripple.

so incase you didnt guess already, this blueprint is obtained from the energy lab or the corpus lab and takes 3 days to research and alot of neural sensors then it has a 24hr build time so it takes along time to get but its totaly worth it though!

it is basicly the flux rifle, but with 2 lazers instead of just one and its alt firs (instead of aiming) is almost like throwing a grenade out.

with mirages mirror these type of weapons are insainly powerfull too!!

this does suffer the same downside the flux does though, it has a limited range because its a beam weapon and there is no way to counter this mod wise.
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