Warframe 160 Lets Build Silva & Aegis
PermalinkSubmitted: 4:06 pm on Jul-23-2014By: Jecht

was pointed out to me that i forgot to put text in here, my bad so lets correct that.

the eleventh storm stance mod for this is dropped by the boss in derelict assasinat missions during its popping thru the floor phase so farming this mod is a pain as you have to build the derelict keys and collect the golum navs to build this key but adds more use for going on a ODA tbh.

without the stance this weapon kinda sucks but with it, the combos are awesome, throwing the shield one has to be my fav tbh.

the weapon itself is 100% fire damage without any mods so makes a great elemental weapon from the get go but also makes it weak against some enemys you might incure so changing it to corrosive or radiation early on might help and as i type this, i cant remember is radiation has fire in it lol.

i liked this weapon, with a 6 gay wait on it i was glad to see it did not need argon crystals as the research in the lab needed WAY too many crystals to get it going.

enjoy using this alot but with the colour correction of hotfix 14.0.9 the orange looks more red, minor thing tbh.

its only downside is that its an elemental weapon, no slash damage so no bleed effect.
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