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she\'s a weird one to get, you have to goto the market and pick up the hidden message from the market, pick up her BP while your there.

then goto the derelict vault\'s and get 5 of the orikin cypher and build the hidden message.

goto the codex and start the quest named \"hidden message\" and you\'ll start getting weird messages into your inbox from ordis the ships AI.

its a riddle, you have to solve them or, just read this and go to:

Olympus, Mars for helmet Riddle
Calypso, Saturn for systems Riddle
Charybdis, Sedna for chassis Riddle

you have to build each part before you can move onto the next part though.

then there is a 3 day wait for her but she is worth it.

with the worst health and shields of all frames it is a bad idea to use a low lever kubrow with her as it\'ll suffer death alot.

but once you get the mods on there, her abilitys are really nice, the last abilty that looks like a damn disco ball is awesome, with intensify and stretch it comes in really handy for almost all mod farming you have to do, just not for high level defence missions.

the eclipse is nice as you look tobe phasing out while your in shadows so bullets can go thru her and when your in the light you do more damage

slight of hand is nice too, turning door lazers, lockers and almost all interactive scenery into weapons that hurt the enemys if they get to close, lockers can eat enemeys lol

and then there is hall of mirrors upto FOUR of you apear and they can all pick up items and even better .. all do damage with weapons, be nice if they all cast her uber glitter ball (still cant remember its name sorry) but i\'ve been using the AKZani and omg .. FIVE of them just cuts thru enemys like butter.
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