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The AKZANI here look abit like a cordless drill but they shoot like the Twin Vipers which makes them a dangerous weapon in any frames hands!

Ofcorse coming with only one ~ polatiry means that these will need 3 maybe 4 formas dropped into them to make them a good weapon but with a mag size of 100 you can keep that trigger in for longer than you can with the vipers as there out of ammo almost instantly once you start shooting.

So saving on the ammo mods you can set this up easy for damage 2.0 elemental combos or you can add more rounds and get well over 125 rounds (if you have the nightmare mag size/freeze damage mod that is).

One bad side to these is the same as the vipers, that many rounds that quick means these will run out of ammo insainly fast so you will need the ammo mutater installed to keep up and even with that you'll run out quickly alot of the time.

With that aside, these are great fun to use and will replace the twin vipers nicely but with the AKStiletos in existance, these are still more of a spray and pray weapon so if your using the stiletos is will be best to stick with them.
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