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yeah yeah, i know its vega not venga, name of the weapon thru me off lol.

but ninja claws that retract and disapear .. hmm

ignoring all the possible issues these nothing like wolverines claws and just different enough to not be like vega either but still look cool!

the stance for these is a pain and can only drop from grineer power fists and they dont spawn in that much .. spent more than a month looking for one from these enemys and got loads of them in the past 3 days, not one of these but got helped out from clan member who had a spare.

the combos for this are really nice with some nice looking swings but when it comes to this weapon, its not the best by along LONG way.

its downsides are that its to slow and should of been alot faster, modless this thing was so slow you almost have to use a valkyr frame with warcry to be able to kill things

then there's the range, you can stand next to someone swinging and do no damage some times.

but even those dont stop this being a really fun weapon to use!
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