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Ok so yesterday was playing the kiliken defense mission on venus trying to level up frost after i polarized him back to 30.

polarize is where you take a level 30 warframe/weapon/sentinel then use a FORMA to add or change a polarity slot, i changed mine to fit more health :yay:
WORTH IT!! :whistle:

anyway, hit was 10 on the defence and this popped up .. BOOM, had to try this out!!

was glad it was dropped as farmed the xini defense mission on Eris to find one and got nothing so this dropping was a relief as farming the higher levels sucks when ppl drop out at wave 5 and you end up almost failing or actually failing because no one stayed to help :wall:

SO, once it dropped in we go!

this void area looks like a dojo in its design, which makes sense.

the enemy's are all called "corrupted" but look like prime versions of themselves, kind of like frost prime with the gold coloured parts over his head.

was abit of a let down that i couldnt get other ppl to join in on this battle but it seems the void has to be a solo played mission.

which was weird considering the level of the ppl you fight against ... :angry:

farming the void with others would be so much more fun than solo tbh.
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