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url to the fan site, will convert to hyperlink when i remember.

So, as of yesterday (24th june 2014) we are offical, this has SO many meanings for us.

on the application and what actually happened are afew differences and to be honest i would be higher on that page but i supplied wrong damn img so that added nearly 5 days to my application but that was my own fault.

this means that from now on, i can use any img, and footage .. can have the update videos showing the weapons from there footage and its all above board now!!

awhile back i put up a video afew weeks before carrier came out of carrier as a sneak peak and had NOTHING but issues with this as technically i did not have permission to do that even though it raised hype about carrier for alot of people and yes, that video is still up but carrier was un named at the time.

annoyingly me and some friends where drooling over helios for awhile before its release soon but would of been a waste of time to put that up, well now it should be easier!

BIGGEST bonus imo has to be the platinum giveaway codes!!

i've been trying for MONTHS to get my hands on some platinum codes to do giveaways with, had so many ideas too.

then i got one and my mind went blank, lucky i have a tried and tested way that we used when we give away a copy of saints row 4!

am so happy to have these codes and be able to do platinum giveaways as have wanted to do so for so long now that the rest of the e-mail was ignored at first as i sat looking at it thinking i could finaly do it, its live now actually, first of hopefully many platinum giveaways running from 25th june to 30th june.

it is a pain to choose a winner but i have a great little program a friend wrote me to chose a random comment for me so should be easy.
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