Warframe 156 Lets Build The Mutalist Quanta
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:39 am on Jun-24-2014By: Jecht

this was a weird weapon, has no zoom function but shoots out an infected looking bubble you can melee to move around.

took afew hours to realise that people who ran thru it got ratiated and started attacking the other enemys.

then shooting thru the same bubble add's the ratiaion element to your rounds.

once this was figured out everything bad about this weapon was forgoten!!

in defence you can launch out 2 of these, because 2 is max you can have, and turn acouple heavys to your team and they'll fight for you while you shoot thru the bubble to try and turn everytone against eachother.

is abit low on the damage, taking this to higher levels would be a bad idea, even though there lvl 70 infected in the video for this, i did have 3 other tenno helping me out!

its a pain to get used to the bubbles as they act weird, its annoying you cant have more of the bubbles too as 3 would of been so much better and even though the rifle part of this does little damage it is still fun.

i really didnt think it would be such a big deal, but this weapon has NO aim down sight function and your constantly accidently launching the bubbles trying to aim.

its fun but i missed aiming while using this.
Created by  MarkeyDesign