Warframe 152 Lets Build The Pyrana
PermalinkSubmitted: 3:23 pm on Jun-11-2014By: Jecht

So its another dojo weapon, meaning you have to be in a clan that has a tenno lab built to be able to research this to get the BP, kinda sucks there is so many of these now.

After 3 days of waiting and watching chat this weapon got alot of hate and some people saying its a good weapon so i was torn as to how it would be.

Started using it and it sucked, it sucked alot as didnt do the base damage when modless to kill enemys i was fighting, but then again i was doing level 20+ enemy level missions so lower lever enemys would possibly of been better with leveling this.

Then it hit a turning point, got hornet strike, barrel diffusion and lethal torrent in and it started killing things nicely.

added in the slash and puncture damage mods in and damage went over 1k on only one of the damage types and really started kicking butt!

It did need a catalyst as this weapon has no polarity to start off with.

Then added in reload speed and ice wave, icewave add's 40% clip capacity and freeze damage and topped with the reload speed mod i went from having to run away after firing the rounds off so quick to staying in battle while reloading so well worth the reload mod being installed!

will need to forma this weapon 2, maybe 3 times to add elemental combos for damage 2.0 but with just alittle work this pistol shows alot of promis, not like the brakk but damn close!
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