Warframe 150 Lets Build The Serro
PermalinkSubmitted: 1:44 pm on May-25-2014By: Jecht

The Serro is a nice melee weapon, it has a nice base electrical damage that with a stance mod fitted will allow you to start using this unranked with a max melee damage mod installed so your already ahead over how it used to be with melee weapons where they sucked till you got them past level 9 atleast.

So with a base damage thats elemental this is perfect for mixing the elements and creating more dangerous elements, fitting toxin helps alot and makes this a corrosive damage weapon which increases its damage alot.

top that off with the fury mod for increased fire rate, this weapon will become alot of fun to use.

Its huge down side is that the fare rate is abit slow so you have to fit the fire rate mods, both the standard fury and any other one you can find, there is one from dark sectors that comes in handy for this but it only add's 20% fire rate and lowers channeling effincy by 80%.

To counter this you can fit the focus energy and the other channeling mods to get that 80% back but it means your channeling will be as normal so it takes 2 mods to counter the increasing attack speed but its worth it as focus energy also adds to electrical damage which in turn wll increase whichever elemental damage you add to it.

so this is worth a catalyst for sure as when you throw all these mods in, the base 30 points will not be enough but with this, you can fit maxed mods and this weapon becomes alot of fun to use!

plus the face that its detailing is really nicely done!
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