Warframe 149 Lets Build The Sybaris
PermalinkSubmitted: 5:12 pm on May-18-2014By: Jecht

Well this is built in the tenno lab, inside the clan dojo and needs a mastery of 5 to be able to use it.

it has a tiny clip size giving you only 5 shots, dispite it saying you have 10 rounds so multishot will work with this weapon very well allowing those 2 shots to be more.

This is a great example of what a burst fire weapon should be like, there is no kick to this atall, no recoil, its so much to use too and maintains really nice accuracy even at long range!

This weapon needs those crit mods, the damage and chance and if you have it, even hammer shot which adds more crit damage and possibly even critical delay, the vault mod that adds crit chance, with all these mods on this guns amazingly fun to use, letting you kill upto lvl 30 with ease.

Its just a damn shame that even though this does not need any ammo mods, that it has such a small magazine to it, the ammo mod will only give 3 extra rounds, that give you one spare round that useless.

So this weapon does show alot of promise, though fitting all these mods into the weapon will mean having to forma it .. ALOT!
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