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well here it is, the first time we have had a weapon blueprint appear in the market for along time now!

its an awesome one too, rocket corpus pistol, mmmm its so much fun.

costing hardly any resources except for 2 argon crystals that are a pain to get a hold of from the void, 4hrs and many missions just to get these 2, what a pain!

This weapon is a charge to fire weapon but once you have charged it, it auto fires at the end so you cant keep fire held in to hold a charge which kinda sucks tbh. firing once will auto charge one shot but the clip only holds 3.

such a small clip you would think it charges quick or reloads quick right? wrong, there both slow so this does need the weapon reload speed and fire rate mods badly!

then drop in barrel diffusion and lethal torrent, multishot mods, and you have an awesome weapon that is abit nuts to use but seriously worth it as the spread is nuts!

in the video i am only using a part leveled up hornet strike as wanted the multishot mods in there and this thing is still lethal so a maxed one will kill you instantly, i tried it  and it will end you if you shoot to close.

it does appear that the enemy can shoot the rockets out of the air so they will explode in your face and kill you so you need to be careful.

This thing is useless at long range though, mid range its awesome and short range it can be more deadly to yourself depending how you set it up so keep to the mid range stuff, thats where this thing shines the most for sure!

Even with its down sides this weapon is still insainly fun to use and after you throw 4 or 5 formas at it to get more damage in there this could be just as good to use as the ogris for some missions, i\'ve already done mine once and plan on dropping atleast 3 into this, maybe more.
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