Warframe 30 How to make DETHCUBE sentinel
PermalinkSubmitted: 4:23 pm on May-26-2013By: Jecht

Ok, so this is the new sentinel added in update 8, its basically what it says, a cube that will kill everything!

so it uses a DETH MACHINE RIFLE over the lazer rifle or lazer pistol that shade and wyrm use, it also does WAY more damage and sounds like the gorgon when it shoots.

shares 2 mods with the other sentinels but the 2 it has for itself give it longer range to shoot and its special ability is a lazer that will deal HIGH damage to anyone who gets too close (see picture at bottom).

they have since fixed this issue though!

it does seem to have alot less health to start with over shade or wyrm though as even leveled its taking alot more damage than my shade used to.

all in all its a really good sentinel but personally i'm going to be going back to SHADE once dethcube here is leveled up as i like the ability to go invisible.

This is the early glitch that kept lazers on the screen for too long but shows the lazer well!
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