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costing 8 fieldron research this comes in as one of the most stupidly expencive dojo weapons to date, last time they tried to make it cost so much to build the amounts where halfed from 10 to 5, this has been up almost a week and it has stayed at 8.

So once you suffer thru a 3 day research time in the dojo, then several days of building fieldron things, this has a 24hr wait time again .. it can litually take you over a week to get this.

once you have it and compare it, its so much like the synapse its silly tbh.

i refered to this as a hedge trimmer when i first seen it because it looks like a hedge trimmer i have, well from the right angle it does anyway, that didnt go down well if i'm honest but its true.

this has a HUGE advantage over the syapse, when you fire into a crowd it bounces around emeys making it great for crowd control or even if there all in a line it'll pass along the line where as the synapse did not do this.

The synapse (see i can spell it right) does alot more damage but shares the same crits as the amprex here so calling which is better i did not want to do, hence this took me awhile to write up.

after using both and comparing the 2, the synapse does alittle more damage yes, but the crowd control of this weapon makes it great for infested missions when there is alot of them coming at you at once.

BUT, that said .. i still think i prefer the synapse for one reason, its a proper dojo weapon that you have to be part of a clan and research it to get it, unlike the amprex which you can buy with platinum making it alot less of a "well i worked to get this" weapon so you did not see the synapse around that much.
it is making a comeback though!

Dont get me wrong here, the amprex is better for crowd control, the synapse does alot more damage but only to one enemy at a time so the amprex is the better weapon in some missions.

i only like the synapse more as the only way to get it is to build it as it can not be bought!

i will be revisiting this soon where i'm going to properly compair the 2 but since neither have a polarity i have to foma both of these to the same state before i can do that.
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