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Ok, we will keep this one nice and simple for you.

Only because i've just wrote afew of these and find myself babbling alot lol.

The attica is an automatic crossbow that has a bad reload speed and may aswell just be like the bow with a single shot fire rate rather than a mag size of 5.

you shoot the 5 round, reload, die, revive, die, revive, finaly reload, shoot and put it away wishing you had broung anything other than the attica.

it is a HUGE shame too, this had such great promise too!

The damage is just enough to keep this weapon fun without making it powerfull enough to use all the time!

its the magazine and the reload that ruin it, with a max mag capacity mod you'll goto 10, which means doubling up with the wild fire mod to add fire and clip size for maybe 2 more rounds.

Throw that with a reload that is so slow that with the quick hands mod it is just about useable in a day to day game play.

this would be an easy fix for them, leave the reload speed as it is, because fitting the reload speed mod means less damage mods can be installed but make the standard clip size 10 instead of 5.

It shoots bows too so it has travel time to the shots, you just get used to it and its 30, you want nothing more to do with it.

and this is a HUGE shame as this could of been one of the most fun weapons in so long, leveling it up was alot of fun, i used it on ceres in all kinds of missions and it worked just fine, aslong as you remember to hide when you need to reload or swap to another weapon till you get time to reload.

So if your looking for a weapon that looks cool, is fun to use but dont mine reloading all the time or fighting anyone over lvl 30, this is the weapon for you.

hope they do give this just a tiny little buff to the mag size, will make it so much better!
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