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So, to get this frame you have to goto ceres, spend hours farming for the Frequency Delta, Frequency Gamma, Frequency Kappa and Frequency Omega becons.

Then you have to build a key to get to the new vay hek, which takes an hour to build so you go back to ceres to get more of these becons as you need ALOT of them.

Then you use the key, go fight the new vay hek and obtain a random part, either Hydroid Helmet Blueprint, Hydroid Chassis Blueprint or Hydroid Systems Blueprint right?

TEN, thats 10 .. times before i got anything apart from the chassis BP for this new warframe, that was the best part of 3 days of farmiing becons and vay hek aswell as leveling up the new stuff and trying to find the new prime parts!

but eventually .. systems YEY, chassis afew more times, helmet .. BUILD!!

Once you suffer thru vay heks chassis heavy drop rate and have enough argon crystals from the void, or from hek as hek can drop them too .. THEN you can build these, thru an orikin cell into the mix, wait 3 days .. hydroid is allll yours.

Oh man, then the fun begins, honestly thought that a frame that turns to water, this is gonna suck.

His abilitiys are cool visualy, the rain from the sky does knock down and helps ALOT, the tidle wave push's them back .. both usefull in there own rights.

Then he turns into a puddle with 3rd ability, max this mod or the puddle will be small. you suck enemys into the puddle and they start taking damage .. this is where things go wrong with this frame quick.

you have 10 or so people in the puddle with you, without intensify installed there coming out of the puddle at once, with it .. there still coming out the puddle alive, just maybe alittle more damaged.

This cought us out the first time i seen this used, huge puddle, sucked up half a wave in defence, we where laughing and just waiting for the wave to end .. then about 20 pissed off enemys came out the puddle .. if there heavys who can knock you all down, your screwed!

So just beware of them coming back out the puddle!!

Then the uber, not found the range of its reach yet, it can go along LONG way from where you cast it but it does a nice amount of damage by grabbing the enemys and smashing them around for abit, the whole time you can be shooting them also.

So this frame turned out to be a nice frame, visualy looks good but also has some nice abilities.

i want to forma out one but to be honest, i like all 4 abilities so cant choose one to loose, even has a dash polarity for aura so energy regen mod can be installed too!
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