Warframe 143 Lets Build The Lex Prime
PermalinkSubmitted: 11:14 am on Apr-19-2014By: Jecht

T3 survival for the barrel
T1 capture for the receiver
T3 defence for the BP
to get the parts for a REALLY nice weapon!

Not a fan of the lex, dual wasnt much good, single one sucked but this one is much better.

The single lex, well you can reload, goto the toile, cook dinner, watch a movie and even grab some sleep while waiting for the reload, abit OTT i know but it has tobe the longest reload ever! So we got it to 30, then ignored it.

Dual Lex .. or AKlex, not so bad, these where so much more fun than the single lex but the reload and fire rate where so bad that adding the recoil just made them so little fun to use as you had to counter it with the recoil reduction mod.

Lex Prime comes along, so should be WAY better right?

It kind of is, its recoil is still too much, the reload is slow, but alot quicker than its counter parts, its damage is really nice and it just looks so nice!

For a weapon that found its blueprint so hard to obtain from T3 defence i did expect alittle less recoil to it but fire rate should never of been added to this pistol, save them spots for reload speed and aslong as you fire one round at a time, you end up with a pistol that can do alot of damage with some nice accuracy too!

Was abit weird to see this pop up as a new prime weapon, know some people love the lex but its just a block, has no colour, no design .. it just looked so bad, this one on the other hand is a huge improvement on the damage and reload and visualy looks like one of the better primes.
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