Warframe 142 Lets Build The Nikana
PermalinkSubmitted: 4:59 pm on Apr-14-2014By: Jecht

so now .. this thing huh.

Tranquil Cleave stance mod is SO hard to find, cambria survival on earth is roumored to be the best place (excuse spelling sorry) but while i do this, i have yet to find one.

but once you do .. WOW.

just that, WOW.

Was tempted on leaving it off there but i wont, this thing looks so nice, i looked foward to this since they sneeked it into a livestream to show off the melee dangle things and wanted it since so seeing it there made update 13 for me, nothing else mattered!

it needing those argon crystals from the void slowed the production but was worth the wait!

originaly with no mastery lock, they have now locked it down to mastery 4 or above being needed for this, damn shame too as its not as strong, it just looks awesome!

THEN, you add the stance in and, well i said it earlier .. WOW.

With the stance this thing becomes so much fun to use that you'll find yourself at the end of the level wishing more would spawn.

does take awhile to get enough levels on it to start fitting mods that will kill stuff but its totaly worth it and does a nice amount of damage while you level it up to upgrade this.

BUT, keep ahold of those catalyst .. the dragon nikana .. almost 2x the damage :whistle:
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