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These use the  Crossing Snakes and Swirling Tiger stance mods, without the stance mods melee weapons are still good but had to find one of these to be able to do the video, that kinda sucked since there such a pain to find. xini ftw!!

But once we got these built and finally got a stance mod .. WOW, melee 2.0 works so well with these.

for these things looking as they do i did expect them to suck if i am honest, i mean pirate swords in a space ninja game .. hmm, dont go well together.

After using them though, i was hooked!

These went to 30 so damn quick too, was running round levels with them channeling energy none stop just hack and slashing my way thru everything that got in our way!

The way the blade tips light up with whatever colour you give them looks nice, but is just alittle overkill.

setting them up is easy too, wouldnt say it's worth putting a potato in them though, these are going to be over looked by the nikana and the dragon nikana, so save your potato's for the dragon nikana as its looks way cooler than these.
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