Warframe 139 Lets Build The Ankyros Prime
PermalinkSubmitted: 5:41 pm on Apr-03-2014By: Jecht

Ankyros Prime BP: T1 Defense, Wave 15, 20, or 25
Ankyros Prime gaunlet: T2 survival
Ankyros Prime blades: T3 Defense, Wave 15, 20, or 25

you need 2 gauntlets and 2 blades.

this weapon was a pain, i got lucky with 2 blades in a row on the T3 defence at wave 15 each time but after the long drawn out issues i had with the glaive i was almost sure that this weapon would take alot longer!

once you have suffered thru your defence missions and there none working lazers though, these look so much better than the normal ankyros do!

This was a milestone for prime weapons, the first fist weapon.. why they chose these is a mystery though, they look WAY better than the originals but there is 3 other better looking ones than these that would of made a really nice prime weapon.

either way, once done these are fun to use, i had forgot how much fun they where tbh. i dont think i'll put any more time into them though as they take SO long to level up but with melee 2.0 coming, might revisit these at a later date.
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