Warframe - Gorgon Wraith
PermalinkSubmitted: 5:40 pm on Apr-03-2014By: Jecht

As a free weapon you can only get for getting over 700 points in the tethras doom event, this weapon is much better to the normal gorgon.

the normal gorgon is, for now, gone from the market so its hard to compare the 2 unless you have them both and if you do have them both you can see this has less recoil and reloads much faster which makes it a much better weapon.

if you dont, then compare it to the supra, the supra was just a gorgon with pritty lights after all (pauses for hate mail)...

Remembering this weapon didnt cost anything but time put into the event, it is a damn good weapon for sub lvl 25 enemys!!

selling this, if you have it, would be a damn shame though, the potato in it, the slot its in and the weapon itself where free and you loose all 3 if you sell it so it is one worth keeping ahold of just to play with from time to time.

i enjoyed this, i even put a forma into it to get it just alittle bitter without putting too much work into it and its so much fun to scare people with it as it sounds so much like the grineer heavy with the gorgon lol.
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