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Boltor Prime BP: T3 Mobile Defense
Boltor Prime barrel: T3 Exterminate
Boltor Prime stock: T1 Exterminate
Boltor Prime receiver: Derelict Defense

So, thats where the parts drop, the stock and reciever are easy anough but the BP and the barrel can be a pain to get, like most prime stuff the T3 keys are a problem as the T3 keys themselfs are so hard to get ahold of lol.

once you persist thru the suffering of key farming and get the parts and have this built however, its such a powerfull weapon!!

i've now dropped 3 formas into mine and it is straight up insain how well this works against enemys.

its not OP, people are saying its over powered but its really not, if you set a weapon up right you can make any weapon powerfull, this just has a little edge over the braton prime i use all the time so seems way more powerfull!

that said, because of how popular this rifle has become i them probly making it weaker and alot of people complaining so i've already started using other things so this remains my goto power weapon replacing the soma!
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