Wheres the build blogs?
PermalinkSubmitted: 5:05 pm on Mar-19-2014By: Jecht
Well if i\'m honest i\'ve had afew set backs in the past week when it comes to having the time to sit down and do the blogs, there is the boltor prime, the ankyros prime and the new gorgon wraith i have to do the blogs for and i promise i\'m trying to put the time aside to do them!

It is simply a case of my internet going down over the weekend and trying to source new PC parts that dont cost an arm and both legs.

My SSD is on its way out and to replace it will cost me 2x what i payed for the one i have and since i use my SSD as my install drive for windows and games this has caused afew issues with editing and day to day pc use.

Plus i dont just play warframe either, am trying to get permission to play Dead Island: Epidemic at the moment, i have the game, was invited into the closed beta as someone sent me a key but there terms and agreements for playing actually say you cant use footage of it and i dont want copyright issues with my channel.

Not to mention other games i play too, am planning on stretching out, continuing warframe but putting up stuff for other free to play games too.

btw, dead island epidemic, its in closed beta right now but when its released will be a free to play game and i\'m looking foward to putting that up ASAP.

so again, just not had the time to do those blogs but i promis you, there coming soon!
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