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well poo, this requires TWO bronco prime pistols to be built .. THEN the parts for this.
you get them:
AKBronco Prime BP: T1 ext
AKBronco Prime link: T3 Capture
AKBronco Prime needs X2 bronco primes to build

as for getting the bronco prime pistols, check out the video as i do say where they are in there, basicly its T1 capture and T3 capture but i am not 100% on that without looking into that right now.

Weirdly they do less damage than the single bronco prime, even though you basicly have 2 bronco primes the damage should of atleast been the same, well technicly these do more damage, but they moved the damage from impact to slash so it looks worse than it is :p

barrel difusion, lethal torrent.. damage on these goes up ALOT!!

but that goes for any shotgun in the game, multishot increases number of rounds that come out at once so damage is going to go up lol.

The link is the hardest part of these to get, T3 capture, SUCH a pain!
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