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Parts are found in the void, using these mission keys:
Rhine Prime BP - T3 Ext
Rhine Prime systems: T2 Ext
Rhine Prime helmet: T2 Mobile Defense
Rhine Prime chassis: T3 Survival

Well first thing you notice when you use rhino prime, he's got a wind up thing stuck in his back, it looks so damn weird!!

uses the same abilities that normal rhino uses so its his dash, iron skin, roar and stomp and you can fit the same mods normal rhino is using to save upgrading new ones!

Then they increased his run speed, from 0.9 to 1.0, dont sound much but rhino users have been complaining about him not being quick enough for so long now, thats why he got his helmet that increased run speed then they decided to stop adding any things like that to new helmets..

His shoulder pads are so big they do get in the way when you aim down sight, used my latron prime with its maxed zoom mod and his shoulder filled almost half the damn screen.

apart from that this time the prime frame actually has its 3rd polarity, they messed up with ember but its BACK, so if your just starting out and thinking about building rhino, rhino prime would be a better option even though the prime version is WAY harder to get your hands on!
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