Warframe Lets Build 134 The CASTANAS
PermalinkSubmitted: 1:22 pm on Feb-24-2014By: Jecht

so the blueprint for this is gotten from the new tenno lab so it has a 3 day research time on it.

once you have it and build it this thing is weak so dont try to go up against too hard an enemy to start with.

it then gets much better with the damage mod and the electric damage mods installed, after that your free to add whatever mods you want to tbh as there the only 2 that can add proper damage as this is a 100% electrical damage weapon.

you can stick these to enemys or shoot the floor and set traps as this is just like the pents in the fact that you have to manually detonate these when an enemy gets close enough.

this is good for enemys upto level 28 to 30 but after that is does very little damage and because its an electrical weapon it is also better used against the corpus.
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