Warframe Lets Build 133 The Grinlok
PermalinkSubmitted: 3:13 pm on Feb-22-2014By: Jecht

ok so the info on this at the time was almost none, so did not know it was not a sniper rifle but once we fired it for the first time the damages made alot more sence.

the biggest problem with this weapon is what to compare it to, you have the latron or the latron prime, since the latron prim has been out for so long it is one of the first prime weapons people should build and it is also one of the best primes so this is instanly not that good since the latron prime is in the same class and WAY better!

this does have a quicker fire rate than the latron does, either of them, so if your looking for a weapon to use and dont want a prime or have not yet got the latron prime then this is a good weapon.

if you ignore what to compare it to and just use it as a new weapon to play with it is not that bad though, it has nice accuracy and really nice fire rate but needs a magazine capacity mod to make it a much MUCH better weapon!
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