Warframe Lets Build 132 Zephyr Warframe
PermalinkSubmitted: 4:00 pm on Feb-15-2014By: Jecht

Well to get this warframe you have to goto the dojo and research her thru the new tenno lab.

its insainly heavy on the oxium but its worth it in the end as she is so fun to use.

Tail Wind: Creates a blast of energy, propelling Zephyr through the air, damaging anything in her wake.

Divebomb: Zephyr nose dives towards the ground creating an explosion on contact.

Turbulence: Creates a wind shield around Zephyr, redirecting all incoming projectiles.

Tornado: Zephyr creates multiple deadly tornadoes that when shot with an element can use that element.

She starts off with 150 shields and health meaning she is the first warframe that can have both health and shields over 1k.

this comes at a cost, she only has 15 armour so you need to be carefull around the heavys as you can go down quickly.

But she turns out to be a really good warframe, abit hard to get used to as she acts weird in the air but once you get used to it she can reach places most cant and is heaps of fun!
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