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Well Well Well, 2 cestras huh, maybe this is better?

reload mod is needed, the reload speed sucks.

the recoil on them is insain so the steady hands mod is also needed but not as much as the reload mod.

but once the reload and recoil are done, with hornet strike, barrel diffusion, lethal torrent and top that off with the puncture damage mod and omg, they became SO much better than expected!

the lethal torrent adds fire rate which counters the spool up time of these alittle because with enough damage the spool up just dont have time to happen before the enemy is dead.

ammo mutator is needed also because these burn thru ammo very VERY quickly with the fire rate they have and missing all the time with the recoil dont help much.

but get the recoil reduction mod, the quick reload and WOW, these things turned out to be way better than the single one was!!
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