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So, to get these parts its survival on the derelict void ships, you get them by buying the keys bp on the market and collecting those black orb balls (nav balls).

ALL parts drop on derelict survival, the only part thats a pain is the stock that you have to get to 20mins before it "might" drop.

but after all the time i spent farming this, i was so happy to be done and it did turn out to be a good weapon and FINALY, i have time to farm resources for the upcoming update.

but that all aside, dispite the length of time it can take to get the parts needed for this, the range, damage and ammo lasting so long TOTALY makes up for it.

drop a V polarity into it once done to add mulsthot then afew more ontop, your looking at a weapon that might be able to keep up with the better ones in game!
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