Warframe 126 Lets Build The DETRON
PermalinkSubmitted: 1:40 am on Feb-02-2014By: Jecht

So, to get this weapon you have to fight the harvister...

to get the harvister after you, you have to side with the grineer in the invasion missions and you will get a msg from alad v to thank you for joining the zanuka project and then the harvister can come after you at any time, like the stalker.

harvister will drop this in parts, barrel, blueprint and reciever, if you fail to kill the harvister it will not kill you, but you will be knocked out and wake up tied up in the machine alad v uses to cut up warframes.

at this time lotus will talk to you, break into it remotly and let you free, you will now have to melee your way to your weapons and fight to the evac.

am not sure if this is true, i have not gone 1 on 1 with harvister so have not failed yet luckly but this is what ppl are telling me happens.

now once you have the parts and build this, it starts off like the brakk did, poop.

but drop in the barrel diffusion (multishot) and top that with lethal torrent for MORE multishot and then add elements to increase damage .. omg, this thing becomes a really nice pistol!

it is souly based on radiation element and does no physical damage so does have its draw backs there but can have almost 3k radiation damage with the right mods so will kill alot.

bad side is, the range on this is so bad that you have to be close enough to touch the other person to get the most of this weapon so it does go well with long range weapons, keeping the pistol for closer range for when you get ambushed.
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