Warframe 125 Lets Build The AKMAGNUS
PermalinkSubmitted: 4:36 pm on Jan-31-2014By: Jecht

so this weapon was 1hr old when they released an update, damage was HALFED, that sucked.

but dispite the fact this requires you to build 2 magnus pistols, taking 24hr\'s per pistol then 12hr\'s to build the AKmagnus, these turned out to be worth it.

couple days later, they buff it .. not have more crit/proc to it so the crits awesome.

the crit on these is really nice, not the best but at 3x55% with the crit mods installed, they did turn out good in the end, not as good as they could of been if they left them alone but good enough.

that in mind, remembering that they do the same damage as normal one, costs twice as much as it is basicly 2 normal ones.

should you build these?

hell no, the single one costs SOOO much less to build than these, not something i\'ll say often but the amount of resources and time these take just dont justify building a second one to have these tbh.
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