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So the tysis is a poison dart shooting pistol right? yup, but its not poison, does not deal damage over time as the damage type is actually corrosive not toxin.

First thing you should be aware of is that adding a poison mod or an electric mod WONT increase the corrosive damage, you have to add BOTH the electric and the poison damage mods in together to increase the one elemental this has, but with these i managed to get almost 700 corrocive damage without maxing out all the elemental mods.

so both of these mods together are needed, aswell as hornet strike for more damage ofcorse, top that off with fire rate!

fire rate when you first get this weapon is bad, its a weapon that will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger but i was spamming away and it REALLY was not quick enough.

i dont tend to put in fire rate mods or reload mods but this weapon does need the fire rate badly so thats a  must.

multishot can go in but does not really do that much as it only fires one round at a time so the change of getting 2 rounds at once is very slim, i did fir the lethal torrent mod as this increased fire rate though so it has a small chance.

it does need a catalyst though, without one you wont get this weapon to a useable position from the 30 points it'll give you when you max the levels out, this is a shame as the acrid fires quicker so you dont need that, also comes without a polarity  and used to be much better.

that aside, this is still a really nice weapon once you get the damage up and it can become usefull but without a forma to polarize this you wont be able to fit in all the mods it needs without work so it is one for the todo later list!
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