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These where the first weapon i ever built, like the gram my cover of these was simply me saying i had built them and i like them, so we're revisiting them before i put another plan into operation.

So these things, they used to fire at 2.0 but now its 1.8, with a fire rate mod on these become insainly quick and maintain there right as fastest melee in the game.

bosting the LOWEST damage of all melee weapons you would think they suck, they dont. with the slash damage mod installed these things become insainly powerfull for a weapon that start off so low with just the slash damage mod and the base damage mod installed.

with only these 3 mods in for damage and fire rate these become insain, with the charge stuff added they are way better than you would ever of thought they could be, as i show on jupiter in the video, we are almost one shotting most the enemys here which makes them an awesome little first weapon build!!

topped off with the fact the corpus guy with the flux rifle drops the slash damage mod for melee, these actually go good on this planet and for being the first weapon we built i'm still using them today, even if its not as often as i would like.
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