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This was announced before update 11 went live, was expected in update 11 but nope, it didnt appear.

so we waited almost 2 months for this to appear but here it finally is, the flakk cannon they named "Drakgoon"

This has 2 ways to fire, charging it visualy looks cool but also groups the shots closer together for longer range which means this is a shotgun with range, for now. The other is just to shoot but the spread of the grouping is HUGE

200 slash damage .. THATS alot, but with the slash damage mod and the base damage mod then top this off with multishot and a mod from nightmare mode called BLAZE that increases base damage, this thing gets insain on the damage, with over 1400 slash damage and over 900 puncture damage, this thing is a beast of a shotgun.

like most weapons it has its downsides, the charging is not that long but can cause issues for trying to kill hordes of enemys running at you and the normal shot grouping is so spread out that unless your touching the person your trying to kill, its useless. not to mention the clip is only 7 so spam the trigger and you have to reload alot.

they counter this with alot of damage that is only really usefull if you hit the target your aiming at, with the slow speed of the projectile it looks visualy nice but you could miss and missing is bad, really bad, as the clip is so damn small.

it is lots of fun, being a shotgun the hells chamber mod, multishot, has to go in!
ALL shotguns need multishot so this does need a catalyst or polarized, or both, which means with some work it can become an insainly powerfull weapon but like every other good weapon, they will probly nerf it and ruin all that work ppl put into it so time will tell if this stays a good weapon or not!
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