Warframe Wraith Twin Vipers
PermalinkSubmitted: 11:22 am on Jan-07-2014By: Jecht

If you got 100 points in The Cicero Crisis event, you would of recieved these, this was the only way to get these and since i love my normal twin vipers i was looking foward to these.

so first off these are way better because the 40 clip size over the old 28 means you dont need the clip mod installed so quickly.

These do a total of 16 over the old 14 damage, but they took damage away from slash so this does mean it does alot less slash damage than the normal ones so even though there more powerfull they do lack in the puncture and slash damage types as there both only 1damage each and then there is 14 on impact which should hopefully mean that installing the impact damage mod to these should increase that ALOT, crosses fingers, not tried yet tbh.

first time thru with these i got hornet strike, multishot mod, lethal torrent AND icewave installed without having to polarize for more, so this gave me crazy damage straight away but like my other twin vipers, these will be polarized atleast twice with V polarity for the multishot and hornet strike mods.

once done these do look to be more powerfull than the other twin vipers but because the ONLY way to get these was todo the event, eveyone who did the event now thinks there AWESOME, where as we know they should be as our best pistols are infact, the normal twin vipers.

my normal ones are still better than these right now as i have only polarized them once as i do this but at lvl 21, i have all the same mods installed i had at 30 so when polarized again you should be able to make these better, i hope.

these are basicly free twin vipers that came with a free weapon slot and a free catalyst already in them so REALLY was worth getting these.
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