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Well i did not use this since the new damage 2.0 came out so thought i would go back and give it a look, but first i checked, i never covered this weapon! my coverage of building this was, i built this, i love it. and that was it so we're rebuilding this since its big reskin and new damage setup.

so its not as powerfull as i remember but its also not as bad as i remember either, i expected some weird thing that does no damage and takes to long to swing over most the other melee weapons but tbh it was not that bad.

since i already had a max lvl one i did use the new one for abit then moved onto the maxed one and the difference was HUGE!

so with a catalyst and no polarizing (using forma), i got the max damage, max charge speed, max charge damage, max fire rate AND focus energy on there which is charge speed and electicle damage in one mod so this thing was swinging like mad and doing so much damage!

with a polarisation or 2 this would be way better as i have none and got these in easy and have a slot empty so can easy fit in the slash damage mod once i find one and polarize this weapon, which i might do once i have no more melee weapons to build, there's just so many.

loved this weapon, it was my fav from the day i built it and still use it every now and then when i am not building new weapons or trying out new setups on weapons.
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